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10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting | Reviews and Comparison Game Servers


It can be challenging to find a reliable Minecraft server hosting provider. There are many features to compare, and sometimes it is not easy to see the differences. In addition, the terminology used in hosting can be confusing, such as how much RAM you need.

Nevertheless, we have done the comparisons and reviews, which hopefully will save you both time AND money.

Let’s first find out what Minecraft is?

what is minecraft

Minecraft is the modern-day version of a timeless classic. It’s even been called virtual Lego before. It might be incorrect, as Minecraft is so popular that it has its own Lego theme!

This game’s simple graphics and basic gameplay have made it a huge success.

Minecraft’s supportive fan base has enabled it to reach almost all digital platforms from desktop computers to mobile devices to consoles and consoles. You can download Minecraft in its original form, or one of the many customized builds developers and fans have made.

Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft

While you can play Minecraft alone, multiplayer mode allows you to interact with other players. This interaction can lead to many different outcomes depending on the environment.

Players can choose to wage war, co-op quests, or just co-exist peacefully on their virtual land plots. There are four options for multiplayer mode:

  • Playing on a Local Area Network (LAN): A LAN is a network that connects computers within a small area. A LAN is a way to connect computers within a space.
  • Minecraft Realms: Minecraft developers created the Realms concept to enable players to host Minecraft games quickly via the service. It is subscription-based and costs more than Minecraft.
  • Split Screen: This feature is only available for consoles and allows up to 4 people to play Minecraft side-by-side on a single screen.
  • Online Server: The most exciting and involved a host set up an entirely online environment to host Minecraft games. This host setup is usually done by renting server space from a hosting company.

Check out the video below to know how to set the servers up.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting

  1. Hostinger – Best Minecraft Server Hosting
  2. ScalaCube: Runner-up Minecraft Hosting
  3. Apex Hosting, Flexible Minecraft Server Hosting
  4. BisectHosting
  5. MCProHosting
  6. MelonCube Hosting
  7. ServerMiner
  8. BeastNode
  9. Shockbyte
  10. GGServers

Minecraft Server Hosting Reviews

For those new to Minecraft, the first notes of the Minecraft theme will bring back memories and build a sense of belonging. 

And this is the quiet reminder of a fresh start that motivates Minecraft players to take on the stronghold and defeat the ender dragon.

Minecraft Server Reviews

Many Minecraft players agree that it is more fun to play with others than alone. Therefore, servers can let players join forces to explore the deepest ravines and discover if Herobrine is an actual entity they might encounter.

Servers aren’t all the same, and it can be challenging to compare specs to find the best. However, we have compiled the best servers into one easy list. So get together your friends to embark on a new adventure on one of the top Minecraft server hosts.

The Best Minecraft Server Hosting – 2021 Review

These are the top 10 Minecraft server hosting reviews.

1- Hostinger – Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Price: $8.95/month


Full Root Access: YES

Hostinger – Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Hostinger is a secure, easy-to-use host site. You can set up your server in minutes and have access to Virtual Private Server (VPS) within seconds of registering and paying for it.

This host uses multicraft’s control panel. It allows you to backup your server in just a few clicks and restore it in seconds. Password changes are easy, and you can also install mod packs or plugins directly from your control panel.

Hostinger’s customer support team will be there for you right from the start. The Hostinger website also has tutorials to help you set up the server. They will help you set up your server if you have any questions or if you need assistance. In addition, Hostinger offers five locations worldwide where you can move your server for the lowest latency.

There are five server levels available: Alex is the best if less than 70 players are hosting, and Enderman offers unlimited bandwidth.

You can upgrade your hosting account as you grow and add new players. In addition, Hostinger allows you to create your Minecraft worlds, and it doesn’t affect your data or settings.

Hostinger’s refund policy is another thing that makes it stand out. Hostinger will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied within 30 days. Hostinger would deduct the cost of the domain from any refund if your plan included a domain name.

Principal features

  • 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction
  • Setup in seconds
  • DDoS protection
  • MySQL Free
  • Multicraft panel
  • Mobile app
  • Development team full-time
  • Compliant with PCI-DDS
  • Backups automatically off-site
  • Hardware with dual-CPU

2- ScalaCube

Price: $5 per month (after 2.00 for the first 30 days)

RAM: 768MB

Full Root Access: YES

ScalaCube Minecraft hosting

ScalaCube hosts Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft PE is the mobile version. However, it’s also available via the Bedrock engine. These versions are called Bedrock editions.

You can set up your server in a matter of seconds with just one click. After you have purchased a server, click through the control panel and choose PocketMine or Nukkit as the server’s administrator. ScalaCube’s control panel lets you set up unlimited game servers, with plans ranging from 10 to 600 slots depending on the mods and plugins you have installed.

The customer service team provides tutorial videos and instructions. You can also open a live chat to receive personal assistance at any hour of the day or night. You can also submit tickets right from your control panel. ScalaCube offers an automated backup system which they can restore from, if necessary.

ScalaCube’s control panel allows you to create your very own Minecraft launcher. Edit the server list as well as the mods list for each server. For a seamless transition, your launcher can connect players with your server by downloading all their files.

Nine plans offer servers with RAM ranging from 768MB up to 32GB. ScalaCube’s customer service team can help you determine if you should upgrade or if the right level is best for you. In addition, ScalaCube offers servers with ultra-low latency at four locations around the world.

Principal features

  • Setup in seconds
  • DDoS protection
  • MySQL Free
  • Multiple servers
  • BungeeCord Support
  • Unlimited slots
  • Support for Plugin/Mod/Mod Pack
  • Backup system
  • Custom PHAR/JAR
  • Launcher custom
  • Forum and website
  • No cost domain

3- Apex Hosting

Price: $5.99/month (after $4.49 the first month).


Full Root Access: YES

 Minecraft Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting makes it easy to use and provides secure servers for hosting Minecraft worlds. After selecting and paying for your server plan, you will be up and running in five minutes. Apex Hosting uses Multicraft’s control panel. They have modified it to make it easier to manage files, edit configurations, and change server versions.

The user-friendly panel allows you to customize your Minecraft server hosting easily. The control panel also includes a plugin manager to install mods and plugins on any server version.

Also, Apex Hosting’s customer support team is among the best in Minecraft. Apex Hosting has over 100,000 satisfied customers and can assist you in running a successful Minecraft server. Apex Hosting offers tutorials as well as live chats 24 hours a day with their customer support team. In addition, for the lowest latency, You can move your server between Apex Hosting’s 15 (soon 16) global locations.

There are 13 hosting packages available, ranging from 1GB up to 16GB. All plans include unlimited storage and play slots. You can upgrade or downgrade as often as you wish. In addition, you can choose from plans that suit all levels of hosts. Apex Hosting has DDoS protection and backs up servers automatically.

Principal features

  • Java and Bedrock servers
  • DDoS protection
  • Chat support and tickets available 24/7
  • All mods and plugins supported
  • Installers of over 200 1-click-Mod packs
  • Low latency and premium hardware
  • Access to full FTP and MySQL databases
  • Minigames premade
  • Uptime of 9%
  • Setup in seconds
  • Subdomains available for free
  • Automated backups

4- BisectHosting

Price: $7.99/month for Java; $2.99/month for Bedrock

RAM: 1,024MB

Full Root Access: YES


With BisectHosting, you can host Java (the original) or Bedrock(the mobile version). Your server will be available as soon as the payment is received. BisectHosting uses Multicraft’s control panel, which they have modified to meet their customers’ needs. Multicraft’s control panel makes it easy to switch between plugins and mod packs.

BisectHosting’s customer support team will be there for you right from the start. You can learn everything you need about hosting, mods, plugs, and more from the customer service team. Chat or ticket are the best ways to reach them 24/7. In addition, BisectHosting continuously monitors its servers to ensure that they can support your Minecraft world. There are 15 servers around the globe, eight of which are dedicated to Premium plans.

You can choose from budget and premium plans. Will preserve all your settings and files. There are plans for all types of players, from non-modded packages to bells and whistles.

Budget plans range from 1GB per player to 32GB for more than 160 players. Premium plans offer unlimited slots and range from 1GB for 20 players (total) to 32GB in the case of over 160 players.

Premium plans include mod pack installation. However, if you don’t feel confident installing the mod pack yourself, you can have BisectHosting install it for a small fee.

Both Premium and Budget plans include server backups. Budget plans have a cost, while the Premium plan offers backup recovery for free.

Principal features

  • Setup in seconds
  • Access to Full FTP
  • MySQL Free
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Free DDOS Protection
  • Support available 24/7
  • Support for custom JARs
  • Multicraft control panel
  • Sub-domains are free

5- MCProHosting

Price: $7.99/month for Java; $1.49/month for Bedrock


Full Root Access: YES


MCProHosting is capable of hosting Java (the original version) or Bedrock (the mobile edition). Setup takes less than five minutes. The host uses a Multicraft control panel which allows you to manage the server, install different server types and modify files. OneControlCenter is currently being beta-tested by MCProHosting.

Live chat is available between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. ET. ET) or submit a ticket. In addition, the MCProHosting website has answers for almost any server question.

They can help with everything, from setting up, mod pack, plugin installations, upgrading, downgrading, and relocating servers. In addition, MCProHosting regularly backs up servers and stores the backups for no additional charge. Access to recovery is also free.

This Hosting boasts nearly 20 server locations around the world, which have low latency and virtually no downtime. Many plans are available for Java hosts, including Steve (1GB RAM up to 20 players) and Herobrine (unlimited). The bedrock plans include Phantom (256MB RAM) and Llama (3GBRAM for total players).

You can also get help from the MCProHosting team to customize your server using mod packs and plugin setup plans (Server Management Packages). These are available as an optional add-on to any plan.

If you are not happy with MCProHosting’s service, you can get a full refund within seven business days. However, the service fees you have paid are non-refundable.

Principal features

  • Support available 24/7
  • Service curated
  • Support for plugin/Mod
  • Hardware for enterprise
  • All over the world
  • Access to all files
  • Setup in seconds
  • Entrance to web/FTP files free of charge
  • DDoS protection
  • MySQL Free
  • Panel for custom control
  • Instant cancellation
  • Unlimited RAM
  • Unlimited storage
  • SLA 99.99% uptime

6- MelonCube Minecraft Server Hosting

Price: $3/month

RAM: 1,024MB

Full Root Access: YES

MelonCube Hosting

MelonCube Hosting is instant to set up and has no downtime. Your server, or cube in MelonCube Hosting lingo, will be available as soon as they receive payment. MelonCube Minecraft Server Hosting uses Multicraft 2.0 control panels for maximum security. In addition, it allows easy upgrades and downgrading.

The customer service team can be reached online, via live chat, or by submitting tickets. You can find how-to guides and troubleshooting tips on the website, as well as technical support and pre-sales support. MelonCube Hosting backs its servers using an automated schedule. However, you can also schedule your backups via the Multicraft 2.0 control panels. Daily backups can be purchased as an add-on.

MelonCube Hosting offers server locations in France, Canada, and the U.S. The server plans available range from Zombie (1GB RAM, unlimited storage, and slots) to MC48 (48GB RAM, unlimited storage, and spaces). All plans offer the same features and services, including a lag-free experience and one-click plugin installation. You can also restart after crashing.

MelonCube Hosting Minecraft server hosting will give you a full refund within three days. However, MelonCube reserves the right to refuse a refund request after three days. Refunds are not available for dedicated servers, VPSs, add-ons, and domains.

Principal features

  • Protection against DDoS at 480Gbps
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Setup in seconds
  • Multicraft 2.0
  • 1Gbps Connection
  • Access to Full FTP
  • Hardware for enterprise
  • Tasks that are scheduled
  • Hosting available 24/7/365
  • Restart after a crash
  • Support from the S. and EU
  • S. and EU Locations
  • MySQL Database Free
  • Install 1-Click plugin
  • Fully scalable
  • Bukkit, Spigot and Mod packs
  • Function for Custom Jar
  • Remote backups daily
  • Java 8 support
  • Multi-user support

7- ServerMiner

Price: $7.58/month

RAM: 1,536MB

Full Root Access: YES

ServerMiner Minecraft Web hosting

ServerMiner allows you to set up your hosting immediately after you have paid for it. The SMPicnic control panel is used, including a plugin installer, version installer, and a world map. It also features player graphing and player graphing.

ServerMiner allows you to host your Minecraft server and upload as many worlds or as you like. In addition, you can download over 50,000 mods and plugins in one click. 

Additionally, you can upload additional mods or plugins. Finally, you can switch between different mods at any time without needing to delete your worlds. 

This switching allows you to have a different mod pack per world.

You can find a variety of tutorials on ServerMiner’s website. If you are unable to find the answer, submit a ticket. You can restore a lost world in seven days by clicking a button. Can use a button to upgrade your server, but a ServerMiner specialist best does downgrading. You also need to contact a ServerMiner customer support specialist for relocation and cancellation.

ServerMiner operates servers in eight locations worldwide. Stone packages are available for up to 15 players and Bedrock packages for up to 100 players. In addition, you can purchase add-on packages such as mod pack help and plugins for a small fee. The storage is per-server and limited to 50GB.

Principal features

  • Setup in seconds
  • DDoS protection
  • MySQL Free
  • Installer for one-click version
  • Install a plugin in one click
  • Unlimitable world size
  • Player tracker
  • SMPicnic controller
  • 50GB Storage

8- BeastNode

Price: $2.99/month


Full Root Access: YES

BeastNode Minecraft web hosting

BeastNode offers both Premium and Budget minecraft server hosting with instant setup. Your server will be available as soon as payment has been received. BeastNode makes use of Multicraft’s control panel and boasts a near 100% uptime with low latency. In addition, BeastNode’s allocation-based technology guarantees disk space for premium users.

It is easy to reach The customer service team via chat or ticket 24 hours a day. There are forums on the BeastNode website, tutorials, and articles that cover almost everything. The guideline for selecting a service plan will help you find the right one the first time. You can also upgrade or downgrade your server with a click. The knowledge base at BeastNode is a great place to start for hosts and new players.

Choose from budget or premium plans. All of these plans allow you to upgrade or downgrade without losing any files or settings. Budget plans are available in Dirt (1GB) and Budget 12GB (12GB) for more than 100 players.

Premium plans include Spider (1GB for 20 players, unlimited slots) and Premium 12GB (12GB) for 160 players and unlimited slots. In addition, there are three servers located around the globe.

BeastNode does not offer automated or guaranteed backups. Backups must be managed by you, including downloading the file onto a computer to create a second backup. You can only store three backups on a server, so it is essential to download older backups. Subsequent backups will overwrite the backups that are made after the initial three backups.

You can return your BeastNode Minecraft server hosting if you are not completely satisfied within five days of purchase. Unfortunately, domain names cannot be refunded.

Principal features

  • For lag-free gaming, full SSD hard drives
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Mod Support (Tekkit and Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, etc.)
  • Plugin Support (CraftBukkit Spigot, etc.
  • Hardware for enterprise-rade
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • Low pings via 1Gbit network port
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Hardware DDoS protection
  • Subdomains available for free
  • MySQL Database Free
  • Multicraft panel
  • Access to FTP is included
  • Standard SSD Disk Space 5GB
  • Mod packs recommended with 4GB+ plans

9- Shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

Price: $2.50 per month


Full Root Access: YES

Shockbyte Minecraft hosting

Shockbyte provides Java and Bedrock hosting services, with instant setup for both. Your server will be available as soon as payment is received. Shockbyte uses Multicraft’s control panel and offers 100% uptime with low latency.

Chat support is available 24 hours a day. You can also find tutorials on the Shockbyte website. Additionally, you can submit questions via tickets through KnowledgeBase. You can even see the word you are looking for in the tag cloud. Shockbyte also offers an add-on called “Fast Track” that allows you to escalate your ticket quickly for $3.

Shockbyte offers a range of plans that will suit every host’s requirements. The plans range from Dirt (1GB RAM to support up to 20 slots) and Titan (12GB RAM to support unlimited slots). You can also choose from custom plans. In addition, Shockbyte offers a variety of plans that can be modified or downgraded by simply clicking a few buttons. Four locations in the world provide unlimited storage for your Minecraft server hosting.

You will be expected to manage your server backups. Backups include downloading the file to another computer to make a second backup. Shockbyte offers tutorials on how to automate backups, manually perform them, and how to restore them. You can only store five backups on each server, so it is crucial to download older backups.

Shockbyte will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. However, you must notify them within 24 hours.

Main features of Shockbyte Webhosting

  • BungeeCord Support
  • MCPC/MCPE compatibility
  • Java Version Switcher
  • 100% uptime
  • Access to Full FTP
  • All Mod packs
  • Support for custom JARs
  • NA and EU Locations
  • Port 1Gbps
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Snapshot Support
  • Backups automatically

10- GGServers

Price: $3 per month


Full Root Access: YES

GGServers Minecraft Hosting

GGServers, a Canadian web hosting company, offers web hosting and also specializes in in-game servers. They provide servers for many games, including Minecraft. To date, they have deployed over half a million.

They provide high-performance specs for their game servers and offer a wide range of data center locations across the globe. The plans vary depending on the resources available and start at a basic 1GB RAM that supports 12 player slots.

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