Can You Make Money With YouTube? 6 Tips

If you wondering can you make money with YouTube? Here’s my best answer, so keep reading.

YouTube is an extraordinary platform. YouTube allows creators all over the globe to share their work and make a living. Are you interested in starting your own channel? Or perhaps you are already a creator and want to make it a regular job. Let’s get started.

Can You Make Money With YouTube

How to Earn Money on YouTube: 6 Tips for Beginners

Major YouTube channels make a good amount of money from their videos. If you are serious about making YouTube your main source for income, then where do you begin? How do you achieve success? We’ve got your back.

Can You Make Money With YouTube? Tip#1 Start your channel

you must create your channel. YouTube’s magic is endless. You can create short, meaningful cartoons, sing, or share your life. There are many options. You can use your YouTube account as you have a Google account. Or, create a new YouTube account.

Can You Make Money With YouTube? Watch this video

It is better to be careful when choosing your username. The more complex it is, the lower the chance that it will make it big. You want it to be memorable and easy to remember so people don’t forget. That channel had a great video. I don’t know the name, but it was cool.

You can change your user name on Google+ if it isn’t working. The more people who find your channel, the better. Don’t forget keywords that are related to your content.

Can You Make Money With YouTube? Tip#2 Choose your topic

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Now that you have created a channel on YouTube, you can start to edit it and upload it. You will need to choose your topics and create your own style. Your videos should not be too long. This will ensure that your viewers don’t become bored. They should be captivated by each second.

Your videos will improve over time, but nothing is guaranteed. You can see some of the first videos from popular YouTubers. They are not as impressive as the ones they make now. You can upgrade your content by buying a better camera, using better editing software, and so forth. However, the key is to upload videos frequently.

Tip#3 Upload videos consistently

Your audience will quickly lose interest in your channel if you only post videos one or two times per month. It doesn’t have to be unique content so keep it at least one video per week. People will be eager to see your next video, so they will be impatient.

Can You Make Money With YouTube? Tip#4 Optimize your channel for SEO

Don’t forget keywords and tags. This will ensure that everyone interested in the topic can find your videos.

Tip#5 Monetize your channel with google AdSense

Click on the video manager link, click on my channel again, and select Enable Monetization. YouTube will show ads in your video. But, to make it work and make real cash, you must have a steady audience who will view your videos. Don’t be shy. You can share your videos on social media to interact with your viewers more often.

Your audience will find and stay with you. There’s just one requirement. To start making money, you need to have at least 4000 hours worth of video and 1000 subscribers. You can also monetize old videos by opening Video Manager and clicking the dollar sign.

Don’t forget Google AdSense to get your money. It’s free to do at the AdSense site. Ask your parents if you are younger than 18.

AdSense will require a PayPal account. If you want to be able to identify yourself and send money to the right person, analytics is a must-have for any blogger or YouTuber.

This is basically your feedback along with comments that help you to learn which topics resonate most with your audience. It is something that every YouTuber checks regularly. If you are still trying to build your audience, you should pay attention to these numbers. They can give you information about your subscribers and viewers, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve your videos and what to do if they go viral.

Tip#6 Start make money

You can also make a profit. You can license your content for money. TV news, media outlets, and other creators will need to contact you to obtain the right to use your video okay. Let’s suppose you have a steady audience and are making a lot of money. What can you do to make it even better? You’re a little more certain to become a YouTube partner. To do this, you will need to fulfill another requirement.

You have accumulated fifteen thousand watch hours on your channel in the past 90 days. Once you reach that number, go to the YouTube Partner page and do a few clicks. You can also find other great titles in this category. YouTube partners have access more tools for creating content.

Can You Make Money With YouTube?

You can win prizes and get tips from the community. It’s possible to sell your own merchandise. This is possible once your channel becomes more popular. However, it can be extremely rewarding for your subscribers and your bank account. You will attract more people to your channel if they are interested in what you have to say. You can find many affordable websites like Fiverr that will help you do that. You can search the internet for answers to any questions that you may have. While we are on the topic selling stuff, affiliate marketers allow you to sell other peoples’ products. This means you will be selling them in exchange.

Even big companies, such as Amazon and eBay offer great deals for affiliate marketers who promote their products. This won’t cause any problems. However, if you do decide to promote your products, it could affect your content. You’ll need to review the products. You can leave links in the description, or provide how-to tutorials. This is a good idea for lifestyle blogs but not for blogs that are part of other teams.

Sponsorship with companies to advertise can be a great solution. 

Can You Make Money With YouTube? Summarize

you will need to be determined, creative, and believe in yourself to succeed on YouTube. 

What are you waiting for? Start sharing your creations and ideas now to make your hobby your career Job? 

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