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How Many Subscribers Make Money YouTube is the most asked question? Well, if you have a good amount of money on YouTube, then how did you get it? So, it’s necessary to know the exact amount of the subscribers to make money on YouTube.

How Many Subscribers Make Money YouTube

So today, I will tell you that how much subscribers on YouTube help to make money.?

If you want to know how to grow an email list and get subscribers on YouTube?

There are so many YouTubers out there with 100’s of thousands of subscribers, but most of them are not making any money. In this article & video, I share the exact steps I took to get 10,000 subscribers in just 3 months.

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The key to making money with YouTube is that the size of your audience doesn’t determine how much you make on YouTube. YouTube doesn’t pay for subscribers. Let’s assume you have around 3000 subscribers.

What amount of money could you make from this? 

Here, the channel video creators had just three thousand subscribers when it generated about ten thousand dollars per month. A friend of mine has more than a million subscribers, and this person makes literally just a few hundred dollars per month.

In this article, I will share with you. Here are some stories about creators with small subscribers who make millions of dollars per year on YouTube. I want to talk with you guys about what you can do as long as they do what you do.

I’m Tim Schmoyer and this site is all about helping you grow your YouTube channels. It’s possible to spread a message that changes lives and reaches people. The only thing that can stop you from doing that is not making enough money.

You can create a team, all the equipment and everything you need to reach people and change their lives. YouTube creators have a common misconception.

Once you reach a certain audience size, the money will just appear – I worked with one creator with over 6 million subscribers. Their channel was earning less than the channel with around 150000 subscribers. On the other side, I know a creator with only a few thousand subscribers who is making over 2 million dollars per year. Yes, they make over a million dollars per year.

How is that possible? 

He’s an insurance agent in his own case. He talks about the return in his videos. Every sale he makes leads to him being compensated. This has led to more than 2 million dollars in sales with just a few thousand subscribers. You’re probably not an agent. It’s not something I am, so how did it work out for us? The general principle remains the same. Don’t leave your YouTube monetization strategy in their hands. Don’t do it. Especially if you are banking on AdSense. It’s a system you can’t control, and the best way to make YouTube money.

It can be stressful to try to maintain your views month after month. If your next videos aren’t performing as well, your earnings will drop the following month. This is not how I want to live. Let’s look at some math. I believe you will agree that there is a better way. Let’s say you earn $ 200 per thousand AdSense views.

Channel’s Examples:

Some channels make a lot more. While some channels make more, others do less. Let’s use our example. We’ll say $ 2 per 1,000 views. Let’s assume you have a $ 30-product that you want to sell. Each time you pitch the product, it is part of your content. About 1 % converts to a sale.

1 % = ten sales for every 1000 views. That’s a total of ten sales for $ 30. That’s $ 300 per thousand views, which is $ 2 more than YouTube would pay. I actually did that math for my $ 30 ebook 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel. You can find it linked down below. You can check it out if interested. If you do this kind of math on YouTube, you can make a full-time income much faster than if your only doing Adsense or brand deals.

This doesn’t work only on my channel. You too can use this method. Jenny champion wrote me a few weeks back and said, “Hi Tim, Jenny, how are you?” I just wanted to let you know that I have finally started making videos. On my third video, I sold a $99 diet plan with only one hundred and forty-three views.

Instantly, I thought of you and the one percent conversion to your $30 ebook. This is how it worked here when you first started. With only three videos and one hundred forty-three views, she has already made $99 with this approach. YouTube doesn’t have to be the only platform that allows you to monetize your channel.

Use a plan to start

Because you not only have a plan for delivering good value to your audience but also a plan for how to get good value from them, you can jump in and make money with your channel immediately. This could include channel membership to patreon digital items, selling an online community, events, and/or course, or any other type of product. It is important to understand exactly what you are offering through your channel.

First, you must know who your value is and then sell that value 10x. People will pay for the ability to find and integrate that information into their content. This seems to be something that many creators are afraid of. I don’t want to be seen as pushy or sleazy. I also don’t want to feel like I’m too pushy.

Let me give you an example. You can look at my 50-minute YouTube training, How to 150x Your YouTube Income with a Business Plan. It is a step by step process. To make the same kind of income as these YouTube creators, you need to follow my steps.

To answer our question, how many subscribers are needed to make a million dollars per month on YouTube?

It’s not that many. You could actually do it with less that a thousand subscribers and a business plan wrapped around the content. Click Here to see how you can do it.

How many subscribers make money YouTube?

The amount of money you make on YouTube depends on how many views your videos have and how much advertising YouTube is able to sell against your content.

How Many Subscribers Make Money YouTube

1. How many subscribers make money on YouTube?

“How many subscribers make money on YouTube? And how much money do they make?” The answer may surprise you — especially if you’re a creator. Once upon a time, you could make money just by having a popular YouTube channel.

But it’s no longer that simple. So, can a YouTube channel with only a thousand subs make money? Do Youtubers with a million subs make the big bucks? And how much money do the top YouTubers make?

2. How much money YouTube subscribers make?

YouTube is a great platform for building a brand and making money. It is a perfect place for influencers, who have earned a certain level of fame, to promote their products and services. But what about the other 90%? YouTube is a very competitive platform, and you need to build a decent audience and good content to be able to make money.

The more subscribers and views you have, the more money you can charge your sponsors. Long Content: On the other hand, if you only have a few hundred or a few thousand subscribers, you may not be able to charge as much money. On average, a subscriber is worth about $3.50 to $5 per year to an online content creator.

3. How much money do YouTube subscribers make per month?

The average YouTuber makes a few hundred dollars every month. This is after YouTube takes its 45% cut to cover expenses, including bandwidth and staff costs.

YouTube takes 45% of the total revenue earned by a channel, but your cut is actually a little lower than that. Let’s say you have a $1,000 monthly revenue from your channel. YouTube will take 45% of that, which is $450. That leaves you with a little over $550.

The estimated earnings of an average YouTuber vary because the amount of revenue a channel earns is based on factors including the number of subscribers and the amount of views a channel has.

4. How much money do YouTube subscribers make hourly?

In a recent article, we looked at how much money YouTubers make per 1000 views and while that’s a great metric to look at, it’s not exactly telling of how much money individuals can make. To give you a better idea, let’s crunch some numbers and look at how much money YouTubers make hourly.

How Many Subscribers Make Money YouTube

5. How much money do YouTube subscribers make daily?

YouTube has a monthly viewer count of over a billion people. That’s a lot of eyeballs watching a lot of video content daily. In fact, it’s so much that it boggles the mind.

However, the real question is are they watching the videos or are they just scrolling through the feed? The answer might surprise you. According to recent reports, YouTube has over 1 billion users on its site. Seventy-five percent of those users are going to YouTube daily. That’s a staggering amount of users and eyeballs.

6. How much money do YouTube subscribers make monthly?

YouTube Partners get paid for every 1000 views. Currently, the average payout is about $2 per 1000 views. That does NOT mean $2 per video.

A 1000 view video might only earn about $1. That is why it is important to have lots of videos on your channel. Make sure you are monetizing your channel… so you can get your check!

7. How much money do YouTube subscribers make yearly?

Sponsored Videos Earn Money A lot of people use YouTube to make money. Almost every company or brand has its own YouTube channel – some have multiple ones. Many people don’t realize that YouTube subscribers can make money as well.

Anyway that depends on their niche, and numbers of views they get, some make 2K/month, and others make 100K-1000K yearly.

My advice to anyone try to get get passive income online to start ASAP…. I suggest to start with

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