There are many opportunities to make money offline & online for teens and kids to make money. In this topic, we’ll explain how to make money for teenagers? And some other ways teens can make extra money online.

Although the job market can seem difficult for teenagers, there are many ways to make money for teenagers with some resilience and creativity. 

You should not only look at the options available to you from employers that hire teens but also consider becoming an independent contractor, which is a budding entrepreneur selling wares and providing services on your own. 

You have many options, so make sure to research your options before you decide on the job.

Method# How to Make Money for Teenagers Doing Odd Jobs

1- For friends and family, babysit.

make money for teenagers working as a babysitter

You can make money as a teenager working as Babysitter. Babysitting is a great way for teens to earn money and still help the community. You should consider babysitting if you are responsible and enjoy children. Ask your friends with young children for help and build a client base.

To make it easier for your employers to leave their children with you, you can get CPR certification and take some first aid classes. These courses are often offered at a discounted rate or free of charge by local Red Cross chapters and hospitals.

Ask your clients if they would be willing to give you a probation period if you have never had to care for children before. You can babysit the first few times if a parent is available and you are available to supervise.

2- How to make money for teenagers doing Yard work.

make money as a teenager doing yard work

People are often too busy to maintain their yards, but they don’t want their homes to look neglected or unkempt. Many of these people will pay someone to mow their lawns, rake leaves or trim hedges. This is especially true if the person can hire a neighbor teen or a friend. Ask your family and friends if they are in need of help. If you don’t get much business, put up signs offering your services around the neighborhood.

You can shovel sidewalks and driveways in winter for your neighbors.

To do many landscaping and maintenance tasks, you can team up with family or friends. Although you will need to split the profits, it will also help you get more done in a shorter time.

3- Perform household cleaning chores.

how to make money for teenagers Performing household cleaning chores

You should be contributing to the maintenance of the household as a member of the family. However, your parents may allow you to take on additional tasks for a fee. Your parents probably already have many daily chores and worries so they would appreciate your help. Negotiate your compensation by asking for half the price of a professional cleaner. You can also take care of other people’s yards and make money.

Experts recommend that teens and parents negotiate rates based on their performance. For example, you might agree to $30 for a job that is adequate in cleaning the gutters and garage. You could be offered a raise to $40 or $50 if you do an outstanding job and exceed your expectations. This plan will reward your hard work and teach you a better work ethic.

4- Make money as teenager by Helping an elderly person with their daily chores.

Make money as a teenager by Helping elderly people with their daily chores.

Many seniors have mobility and dexterity problems, which can make it difficult to do basic daily tasks. Ask elderly people you know if they are able to help you with moving groceries, fixing computer problems, and watering plants. Be clear on both sides about your agreement. You don’t want to work expecting to be paid, while the other person sees your efforts as a kind gesture.

If your grandparents host a bridge party every other week, you might ask them if they would be willing to have you over the next time to offer your services. You can let your friends know you are trying to make extra money and then you can pitch the idea when everyone is there.

5- Dog walking in your neighborhood.

Dog walking in your neighborhood

Although most people love walking their dogs, many are too busy with work to do so every day. They care about their dogs and will spend a lot of money to have someone take them on walks or exercise. If you are passionate about dogs and have lots of energy, then put your passion and enthusiasm to good use.

With the advent of mobile job seekers ’ apps, it is easier than ever to become a part-time walker. Wag! is one of the many mobile apps you can sign up for. You can sign up for a variety of mobile apps, such as Wag!

6- How to make money for teenagers by helping your schoolmates.

make money online Helping your schoolmates

Find out the rules of your school regarding paid tutoring if you are a strong student. Although you may not be allowed to advertise or work on campus, it doesn’t mean that you can’t collaborate privately with other students at a library or in your house.

Another option is to sign up for an internet service such as WizIQ, Tutor Hub, or other sites that connect you with tutors. Some sites require you to have a high school diploma. Others are more flexible.

You don’t have to give up just because you aren’t a genius. Private lessons can be paid for if you are a master at a particular sport, musical instrument, or hobby such as carpentry.

7- Promote your services.

Promote your services

It doesn’t matter what odd job you choose to do to make money, it is vital that you spread the word! Although you can put a low-cost ad in the local newspaper or distribute flyers, it is much easier and often more cost-effective to advertise online. You might consider placing ads on or raising awareness on your own social media channels. It’s amazing how many people you know need help with chores or other odd jobs. So put out some notices and see what happens.

After your odd job service has been established, you might consider creating separate social media accounts to market your services as a small business.

Advertising online or any other type of business requires extra caution. You should make sure that your parents approve all ads and forums you use. For example, if your advertising is on Instagram or Facebook, ensure they are informed about these platforms and can help you regulate them. If you go to babysit, bring them along.

Method #2 Make Money Online For Teenagers Doing Online Jobs

Get money online as a teenager…

1- How to make money online for teenagers selling Stock photos.

Stock photos can be sold online if you own a decent camera and are able to create images. Although they don’t typically make much per sale you can still develop a valuable skill and enjoy a relaxing hobby. You can make a lot of money if you practice and put in a lot of effort.

Many stock photo agencies will purchase photos online. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt fails. Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and iStock are the largest buyers of photos, but it’s worth looking into boutique agencies once your skills improve.

You can get full information about how to make money as a teenager selling photos online


2- Find mobile apps that will pay you to run errands.

make money with mobile app

You can connect with local businesses and people looking for small tasks in exchange for a paid payment using a variety of apps on your smartphone. Although not all tasks are paid well, they can be very easy. For example, a company or marketing research firm might pay you to take photos of themselves at certain places. You can view it as a sort of adventure or scavenger hunt.

CheckPoints, WeReward, and GigWalk are just a few examples of such apps. But there are many others out there so have fun exploring them all! Before you sign up, make sure the program is open to teens.

3- Take online surveys.

Do online surveys

Paid survey sites can be a great way to conduct marketing research for large businesses. The majority of surveys are easy to complete and can be done from your home. You can take some time to find a site or sites that are reliable and allow teens to participate.

Surveys aren’t the most lucrative online job, but they can be very easy to fill out. The average wage survey is $7.00-$8.00 per hour.

Participation in paid research focus groups is also possible. These focus groups are not like online surveys and they pay between $50.00 to $150.00 per hour.

SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and SurveySavvy pay money per survey rather than after a fixed amount. Survey Junkie’s average survey earnings are around $0.50.

4- Create a YouTube channel.

Uploading videos to YouTube can help you make money. YouTube ads play before and during the most popular content. Despite the fact that there are many users and other channels competing for your attention, don’t be discouraged. Many of the most popular YouTube stars began as teens looking for a way to have some fun and make a little extra money. Keep your parents informed about what you post and ask them to help you deal with comments.

Although fashion vlogs and video game walkthroughs are the most popular types of YouTube content, you don’t have to limit yourself to these kinds. You might consider making a YouTube channel if you enjoy pulling pranks on your family or performing comedy or living room skits. A YouTube book club, fan group, or book club could be formed where you can discuss your favorite movies, music, and novels.

Although you can start with your laptop’s basic webcam, home lighting, and editing software, as you work towards higher quality and production value you will likely need to upgrade to a better camera, professional lighting, and editing equipment.

5- Take part in local studies.

 Take part in local studies

Many universities and pharmaceutical companies offer paid participation in clinical trials or studies. While some studies can be completed in an afternoon, others require a commitment over a period of time. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up.

Online classifieds websites, as well as official university or clinic websites, can help you find and apply for current trials.

Teens are not allowed to participate in most clinical trials. However, you will find some by searching for teen studies. If you are accepted to a trial, make sure to get their permission.

Method #3 Selling crafts and household items

make money online selling household items!

1- How to make money for teenagers holding a yard sale.

Organize a yard sale

Even if you don’t have anything to sell, chances are your family has stuff in their garage or house that they don’t need. Ask your parents if you can clean out their junk and they will let you take the money provided you do the work. If they agree, clean out your attic, basement, and closets. Then, advertise the sale in your neighborhood.

It may seem strange, but don’t price anything. Bartering can lead to prices that are far higher than you expected. Let the interested buyer know the price before you give it.

A yard sale can be a great way to make some extra cash by selling cheap drinks or snacks. Offer lemonade and soda if you have the weather to do so; if it is cold, hot tea or cider are good options.

2- How to make money for teenagers selling your old clothes!

Take old clothes to thrift shops

Salvation Army and other charity shops take clothing on donations, but consignment and thrift stores that pay money for clothes can offer cash exchanges. Take any clothing or accessories you don’t like or use anymore to Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads. If your items are out of style or in poor condition the store may not buy them. However, you can donate the items to charity shops.

Wash your items thoroughly before bringing them into the store. This will affect the shop’s assessment of the clothes.

For designer clothing, consignment is the best option. Although you don’t receive any money upfront, you will get a larger cut of the profits once the item is sold.

3- List collectibles and unused items in online ads.

how to make money for teenagers selling used items on eBay

You can sell large-ticket items, such as valuable collectibles, on sites like eBay. You’ll find people who are interested in your item and willing to pay more than the average passerby at yard sales.

Good photographs are essential when selling your goods online. Good photographs are essential for listing your items online. Buyers won’t be willing to take the risk if there isn’t a clear image of what they’re bidding on. Use a good camera with good lighting to capture your inventory.

Talk about Craigslist safety with your parents before you start a transaction. If you are doing an in-person transaction, have your parents there.

4- How to make money for teenagers creating crafts to sell.

how to make money for teenagers Making crafts to sell

You can make your own crafts and sell them online if you are a good artist. You can make friendship bracelets and beaded jewelry, origami, or silk-screened T-shirts depending on what equipment you have and how much you have to spend upfront. Advertise your storefront and crafts via social media, and word-of-mouth to family and friends.

You can browse Etsy for quite a while to find out what kinds of items you have available and which crafts are selling well. It’s a good idea to do your research before you make any costly mistakes.

You’ll eventually want to charge twice as much for materials and production but you’ll likely want to price at a more reasonable level to build a customer base.

You don’t have to open an online shop if you aren’t sure. Make seasonal crafts that require little investment. You can make decorations by gathering mistletoe or pinecones and tie them together with ribbons and inexpensive bells. You might consider opening a permanent shop if it goes well.

Method#4 Taking a Service Industry Job

1- Ask your local grocery store for openings.

Many grocery stores hire teenagers to work as stockers or baggers. This can be a great experience for your resume. Although you won’t get paid more than the minimum wage, your wages will be consistent and steady as long as your work is reliable for your employer. You might also have the opportunity to meet other teens who are interested in working. You should be able to stand for several hours because stocking and bagging are physically demanding.

If you don’t own a car, ensure that the nearest store is within walking distance or that your siblings or parents are available to take you to work. Make sure to include gas money in your calculation of how much you’ll make if you have a car.

Check with local grocery stores for openings

2- Become an employee at a restaurant busser.

Most restaurants require bar and server staff to be at least 18 years old. However, many hire teens as drivers, bussers, or food runners. These jobs are less direct contact with customers but provide valuable experience in the restaurant business and a portion of the tips. This job is physically demanding. You will need to be able to walk for most of the shift.

There are also safety hazards when working in a restaurant. For example, you could slip and burn your feet. Your employer should provide training.

how to make money for teenagers Becoming a busser at a restaurant

3- How to make money for teenagers working in a fast-food restaurant.

Although it’s not the most glamorous occupation on the planet, the fast-food industry is one the largest employers of teenagers worldwide. Although the work is easy, you must be ready for high-pressure situations during peak hours. Be aware that economists and workers’ rights advocates recommend that teens avoid fast food. Employers can take advantage of young workers by denying them education, benefits, and rights.

There are some hazards that you need to be aware of, just like other restaurants. Slipping, burns and cuts are just some of the hazards you might encounter. You also have to be aware that drive-thru headsets can cause hearing damage.

Work at a fast food restaurant

4- Request openings at recreation facilities.

Movie theaters, amusement parks, and swimming pools draw a lot of their workforce from teens. However, many other opportunities require no prior experience.

You might also consider seasonal opportunities such as summer camps or haunted homes. These jobs can hire many teenagers and can be a great opportunity to expand your social circle. They are almost certain to give you wild stories.

Ask for openings at recreational facilities
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