7 Profitable Steps To Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos (Full Guide)

I’m going to reveal my entire blueprint on how to make money on YouTube without making videos right now. What you’re about to discover has taken me eight years to figure out, and I wish that I had this resource when I was starting on YouTube, because I would have had way bigger results way sooner and if you implement this, this could potentially change your life and Listen, I know that sounds like a big claim, but YouTube has completely transformed my life.

Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Can you make money on YouTube without making videos?

I’ve been able to make millions of dollars providing tons of value to people as well in terms of entertainment value, and educational value, and the way that I’ve been able to do this is by running what are called niche YouTube channels.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with what niche YouTube channels are I covered that in the first video within this video series, so make sure you go back and watch that one first in video number two in this series I went over the 24 absolute best niches to Do this in these include health, wealth, happiness, relationships, travel and technology, and if you want that full list of 24 videos make sure you go watch that video first and in video number three.

I revealed my number one secret for going viral on YouTube consistently and by watching those three videos. First you’ll get a ton of additional contacts, and this will make a lot more sense and this series that you’re watching right now is basically a free course for doing this.

How do you make money on YouTube without doing nothing?

You can make money on YouTube if you follow this complete guide to starting a YouTube channel from scratch step-by-step.

7 Steps to make money on YouTube without making videos

That being said, let’s jump into the blueprint, and this is the exact roadmap that I use and all of my students use to get results on YouTube fast.

Step #1 of Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos to Choose a Niche

choose a Niche

If you watch video number two within this series, you know The 24 best niches to do this in and there’s also ways to see if any niche on YouTube will work. So if you’re thinking about doing a niche outside of those, you can do a certain market research process to see if it will be viable or if you’re going to be wasting your time. But there’s a lot more to it than that and within my program tube mastery, I’m going to give you the absolute worst niches to avoid that will ruin your chances of success.

Step #2 Setting up your channel for success

This is where we’re going to actually create our YouTube channel, and if you’re looking for a name for your channel, you can use a tool called “Shopify business name generator“.

it’ll give you a ton of different business name ideas if you just input a keyword related to your niche and in all honesty, channel names are not that important.

Setting up your channel for success

But within my program I do reveal some tools that allow you to check if a channel name is copyrighted or taken or anything like that, and if you watch video number three within this series, then you know that similar metadata is important and this means having a consistent set of keywords across all of your videos and then therefore cementing them together within the YouTube algorithm, so they all recommend each other and when one video gets a lot of views, all your videos get a lot of views and what I like to call my secret keyword process uses a couple specific tools to find these best keywords and Then rank and organize them within a spreadsheet, to give you the absolute best keywords to use and also during this process, it’s essential to optimize our channel correctly and do the correct channel optimization settings.

A lot of people go wrong here and there’s also some things you can do to prevent your channel from being hacked with some certain security measures.

Step #3 of Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos is to Make a list of 33 different video ideas.

Now you might be saying matt why 33? Well, that’s generally around the time where I start to see statistically significant data in terms of impressions and views to start to make clear decisions on what type of content we’re going to generate moving forward and little improvements we can make on the content.

Make a list of 33 different video ideas

YouTube growth

And by doing this, this is how we can experience giant growth. Now, if we are modeling what works, there is a chance, within this first 33, videos that we will have some videos take off, and tons of my students have had this happen as well, but don’t be afraid if you upload 33 videos and one doesn’t take off because you’re gathering very important data that you optimize then on on your next 30 videos – and this is typically where we can see a ton of Growth and in terms of getting the actual video ideas, I prefer getting 17 from keyword, research using a certain keyword tool and then the remaining 16 from already popular videos within the niche, and I also touched on this earlier in the video series as well. Going a little bit more in depth on video ideas.

Step #4 Generate and upload these 33 videos.

Generate and upload these 33 videos

And when you do this, I highly recommend creating a systemized process for making your videos, because it makes things a ton easier and you can essentially create an assembly line for your videos to get done by using software like Trello and also it’s important that we follow. The anatomy that almost all viral videos have – and this part of the process also includes having great thumbnails keeping people’s attention with your videos, which actually isn’t too hard to do.

If you know the best practices when it comes to doing this, also it’s important to know where to actually find content for your videos, both copyright, free content, so you don’t have to worry about copyright strikes or anything, but also, if you do use copyrighted content, you Need to know the basics of what is called fair use to help prevent problems.

Optimizing your videos

Also, this is where optimizing your videos comes into play and within tube mastery. I give you a video optimization checklist, so every video you upload, you just check off certain things to follow, and i also give you all the software for doing this for actually generating videos, including video editors, how to make animated videos? Even if you’re not an animator, how to do whiteboard videos? how to do automated videos? and so on, and an option here as well is to hire people to make the videos for you now. I only recommend doing this.

Outsource most of the content

If you already have a budget – and you already have money to pay to people, because there is some risk in doing this, obviously it’s greatly decreased if you’re modeling what already works, but on a lot of my channels, I outsource most of the content creation. So this is definitely possible and within tube mastery.

I share with you templates for actually hiring people for the job posts, how much to pay for each of the different jobs. Examples of me actually hiring people and literally everything you need to know.

Step #5 Analyze and Optimize based off of your analytics.

Analyze and Optimize based off of your analytics

I’ve had channels before that. I thought it was hardly getting any views within the first 30 videos that I’ve uploaded, but I analyze and optimize based on little tiny factors that you can look for. If you know what to look for and I’ve had some of these channels take off and also there’s some key mistakes that most people make when doing this, that can easily be avoided. If you know what to look for.

Step #6 of Making Money on YouTube Without Making Videos is Monetize your channel.

Monetize your channel

This is where we can actually make money from our channel, and this is one of the most fun steps and in the next video within this video series, I’m gonna go over exactly how to monetize your channel correctly.

Most people do it the wrong way, and make potentially 10 times more money than most YouTubers, and there’s specific secrets that you can follow to increase your CPM, meaning how much you make per thousand views how to do affiliate marketing correctly most people do this way wrong and how To overall make the most amount of money possible from your channel.

Step#7 Outsource the content creation.

Almost all the different niche channels that I run, the majority of the content is outsourced, meaning I pay other people to make it for me.

outsource the content creation

Now, You might be saying that what, if i just want to keep generating the videos myself, you can totally do that and enjoy giant profit margins, but once you start making big and consistent money with YouTube, I do actually recommend investing some of that back into content creation, & getting other people to make the videos for you – and this will in turn free up a ton of your time so that you can focus on higher value tasks such as potentially making more channels or just having more time to spend with your friends and family.

How to source your contents?

And the way we do this is to put in place what I like to call a video creation assembly line, and all we have to do is come up with video ideas and upload and optimize the finished videos.

Then we hire people in between to write the scripts. Do the voiceovers, edit the videos and make the thumbnails and there’s one place that I recommend hiring people from. most people hire people from the wrong places.

I show how much to pay what to say in your job posts and show actual examples of me: hiring people within tube mastery and now here is one of my biggest secrets when it comes to running tons of more channels, while spending less on content creation.

Watch This Video Revealing How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos (Full Guide)

Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

How to make extra money on YouTube without making videos?

I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but it actually is possible through running translated versions of your own channel. So say you have an English channel right and say you’re paying somewhere around the ballpark of 80 to 100 to make each video.

Translate your videos

Now let’s say we create a translated version of that channel in Spanish and on average I pay people around four dollars and fifty cents per minute to translate the video do a voice over and then cover any English titles with titles in the language that we’re translating To and if the videos on average are 10 minutes long, that’s only 45 dollars per video and that’s a whole another video that can make even more money tons of the top channels. Do this as well.

How to make extra money on YouTube without making videos

Examples of translated channels

You have brightside, which has been translated into a bunch of different languages. You have watch mojo, which has been translated into a bunch of languages. You have tech zone, almost each one of their channels is getting millions of views per month and taking tech zone, for example.

If you add up each one of those channels and how much they could be making their entire operation, I’ve done the math on this would be making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, and I also personally do this as well and in some months, my Spanish Portuguese and a variety of other language channels actually get more views and sometimes even make more money per month than my English channels.

Now some languages are a little bit lower CPM and some are a lot higher. So you do have to take that into account. But you also need to take into account how much demand there is within that language.

Increase your knowledge base

I’ll show you exactly how to do this within Tube Mastery: how to hire people what to say for actually hiring people how much to pay people to do this, and in My opinion, it’s an absolute no-brainer for almost any channel out there as long as there’s demand within another language and usually there’s demand within tons of different languages, and you create a whole new channel for that language.

And you just get your content translated and all of this and more is going to be covered within my program, Tube Mastery and Monetization and in the program as well. I also include step-by-step checklists, including time frames on how long each of these different steps should take. You script templates for systematizing your videos, a list of 100 plus profitable niches and 239 plus example channels within a bunch of these niches, grip templates for hiring people, video, optimization, checklists and so much more. I’M just barely scratching the surface of how much is included within this program.

Best course to follow!

I truly believe it is the best YouTube program on the market. I answer every single question daily within the program student community as well. I don’t know one other course creator that does that I’ve been doing this for over two years now and you can literally watch over my shoulders, as I show you all of this step-by-step, so make sure that you’re on the lookout for when tube mastery Monetization launches because there’s going to be a ton of extra bonuses, you’re going to get an amazing price, and I know for a fact that you’re going to get a ton of value from it and in the next video within this video series.


I’m going to reveal to you how to properly monetize your channels and I’m going to walk you through some detailed case studies of people. Who’ve actually done this.

So you can see what it actually looks like when you’re up and running with a niche channel, and if the next video is already out, you can check it out next to me right here, it’s going to reveal exactly how to monetize your channel correctly, because most People do it the wrong way, I’m going to show you my favorite monetization strategies that can allow you to make a lot more money than most YouTubers and overall it’ll just reveal the secrets to making the most amount of money with your channel hope you got value From this blog “Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos”.

See you in the next blog. 🙂

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